Friday, September 2, 2016

Sinking and Dissolving (in english) - Nicosia, Cyprus 22-23/10

Sinking: We‘ll explore and try to relax deeper into our self by dropping our physical weight by releasing tenssion from top to ground. To do this we have to start feeling better into our bodies on the physical level and the constrictions that diminish our functionality. Relaxation on this level will give length to soft tissues and that in turn will open our joints and specific gates which we dissolve later. Usually this process relaxes our nervous system and mind. 
Dissolving: This is the next step as it requires calm and concentrated mind that allows good connection to your energy. Again we’ll flow from top to bottom, that means from the etheric layer over the crown of the head to the etheric layer bellow our feet to complete the procedure. There’re specific locations, usually around and close to the joints, that we call gates because thru them we have straight access to our energy system. By the means of mind (can i said that?) we can regulate our energy system. First we feel it and then we get it stronger and smoother by repeating the procedure often enough. 
All of this is done in static posture with precise and concrete alignments which allows basic flow. Later on we can and need to extend this sinking and dissolving practices to moving practices like tai chi, bagua or more complex nei gung sets.

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